RTÉ 2fm has teamed up with One Direction to offer their fans in Ireland the chance to get their hands on 2fm’s 1D Orange Ticket and win the prize of a lifetime. (x)


Steal My Girl officially debuted on the US charts at #13 - safe to say what had a lot of potential was poorly executed in promotion and radio play and unfortunately becoming a pattern with their singles..

Last December, we were built to fall apart


When we get a day off, I like to kind of just be left alone to just relax and chill out. This is my graffiti room. I just decided that I wanted to spray-paint the walls. It’s cool because nobody can’t tell me I can’t.



zayn’s little happy dance when he got the answer right though


Harry after taking Louis’ suit off tonight. Based on (x).


New unlock pic from 1Dwwabookapp (Mine)

"There’s so much to take in every single day when you’re in One Direction. We feel very lucky"

audreymont: BABE 😍



Liam throwing his hat to the fans waiting outside the boys’ hotel in Rio (the hat landed on a balcony three floors below). +